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Jo Harris



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Jo Harris is an Auckland based artist with an art practice which is centred on the theme of authenticity of self and the masks we wear. A multimedia artist, Jo paints, draws, and sculpts using a variety of materials, with an emphasis on recycled and found objects.

Jo's pieces explore the concepts of public and private expressions of human experience.  Always striving to find authentic space for herself, it is her hope that viewers will, in their own way, connect to her work and thus to themselves.


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03 bio

Jo has always been a maker, drawer and painter, and more recently sculptor. Mainly self taught, Jo has completed tertiary fine art papers, and time spent in community based art programmes to gain technical skills in art making and painting. Over the last 12 year she has shown and sold work at various community and retail galleries, including Northart, Depot, Pataka, Lake House and Next Door Gallery.


In early 2022 Jo opened her business as a Clinical Arts Therapist so that she could dedicate more time to her arts practice. 

Jo attended the WayFinder programme at Deport Art Gallery in 2022 and also completed the Bridge programme with Deborah Crowe. 

Jo is committed to developing her sculptural arts practice further and is looking forward to more opportunities to show her work.


2023, June, Being There, Being Now, group show (1 of 3 artists), Art By The Sea Gallery, Takapuna, Auckland

2023, June, Members Show, Northart Gallery Northcote, Auckland

2023, March, Morsel by Re:Use Collective, invited guest in show, Easel Gallery, Victoria Park, Auckland 

2023, Feb - We live with, Solo Show, Easel Gallery, Victoria Park, Auckland

2022, Oct - current, Various sculptural pieces, Northart Gallery Objects, Northcote, Auckland


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Auckland, New Zealand

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